no, your question is not dumb

frequently asked questions

what is the turn-around time for sessions? For weddings?

Our turn-around time for Sessions and Mini Sessions are 1 - 2 weeks from the shoot time. We typically do not provide sneak peeks to save time and to get your photos to you as quickly as we can!

Turn-around time for weddings is 4-8 weeks. WE do provide a 40 photo sneak peek for our weddings within a week from the wedding date.

Are you a legitimate business?

We are, in fact, legitimate . We pay our taxes every year - isn't that so fun? We are a registered LLC and have insurance as well. Some venues ask for vendor's insurance and we are happy to provide it if need be.

Where are you based?

We are in Northern Illinois, in the city of Rockford. We will travel for photo sessions, and we do offer destination weddings and elopements. We are frequently on the road as well, so check out our travel dates on our sessions page!

Inquire with us to find out if travel fees apply.

where can I have my session?

we shoot outdoors frequently at local parks and conservation areas. we provide clients with galleries of examples to pick their favorite from! we are also open to new places and love when people have land that is special to them.

our fresh 48 sessions take place in the hospital, within 48 hours of birth. our in-home newborn sessions take place at your home, and we also love photographing family sessions in home as well!

what time will my session take place?

we typically photograph sessions around sunset time. the lighting is soft and glowing, it won't create harsh shadows on your face, and you won't be squinting into the bright sunlight. it is also cooler then, so it's a win-win! if you like our style of work, you're going to want to schedule your session in that time-frame.

our in-home and hospital sessions are typically in the early afternoon, so natural light is coming in the windows well.

what is your workflow for post processing like?

we back up the photographs from sessions and weddings in multiple places as soon as we get home. we make sure we cannot lose any images. we go through the photographs and pick the best ones out of all the ones we have taken. the ones full of emotion, moments, best lighting, not blurry, etc. this is called culling. then we edit them with our secret sauce, mostly in lightroom and sometimes in photoshop. after that, we upload the finished products into your online gallery for you to download. we also keep all photographs backed up ourselves. but it's always smart to back up your photographs as well!

do you offer raw files?

we do not. many times the raw files are only half of the work, and the other half of the magic is our editing. most software can't even read or open a raw file. we do promise to deliver every quality image though!

what if the weather sucks?

we can always reschedule to another date that works for both of us, we understand weather is totally out of anyone's control. we do sometimes wish we could control it! there is no rescheduling fee.

for weddings, we check for any break in rain or poor weather to take our couple outside. outdoor photos really are best, and our couple is our first priority. 

what if I'm awkward and don't know how to pose?

okay, we hear this a lot. that people are awkward. or they claim to be. but we have never seen someone actually be awkward. we have a ton of fun with everyone at our shoots! we do handle all the posing though, to help you not feel like you are awkward. and to help you be yourself.

is your style more posed or candid?

we especially get this question in terms of weddings. the answer is the same though for both sessions and weddings. we love candid! at weddings, the most posed photos you will get from us are the family ones. grandparents love these. but all through-out the day, we capturing everything as it happens organically. for bridal party and just the bride and groom photos, we give prompts and then take pictures as the moments happen. our sessions are just like that, prompted moments that happen genuinely, and we just happen to have our cameras out to capture them.